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Early bird registration closes in










New speakers announced weekly

Keynote Speakers

Alessio Artuffo
Chief Revenue Officer, Docebo

Chester Elton- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Chester Elton
Bestselling Business Author

Claudio Erba
CEO and Board Member, Docebo

Raya Bidhshahri- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Raya Bidshahri
CEO, Awecademy

Conference Presenters

Amanda Teixeira
HR Policy & Learning Analyst, United Nations
Amy DuVernet – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Amy DuVernet
Director of Certification Programs, Training Industry
Andrea Biraghi
Head of Design, Docebo
Ben Eubanks
Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research
Brent Drever- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Brent Drever
Chief Executive Officer, Acuity Institute
Catherine Fruhauf – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Catherine Fruhauf
Global Manager Retail Training, ECCO Global Sales B.V.
Chan Glazman – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Chan Glazman
Head of Global Implementations, Docebo
Charles Jennings – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Charles Jennings
Co-Founder, 70:20:10 Institute
Chris McRae – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Chris McRae
Senior Director – Global Customer Success, Docebo
Corey Marcel
Senior Director of Sales, Docebo
Diane DAmico- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Diane D'Amico
Manager, Training & Development, Jenzabar
Diane Haines
VP of Marketing, OpenSesame
Doug McDermott – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Doug McDermott
Leadership & Career Success Officer, First State Bancshares
Edward Wilfong – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Edward Wilfong
Sales Engineer, Docebo
Evan Behiel
Manager, Training and Development, Cineplex
Fabio Pirovano
Chief Technology Officer, Docebo
Facyal Aliou – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Faycal Aliou
Account Executive, Docebo
James Breen
Sales Manager, Docebo
James Moncarz – Speaker at DoceboInspire
James Moncarz
VP – Global Partnerships & Channels, Docebo
Jamie Schroder- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Jamie Schroder
Manager, Client Training, Sunquest Information Systems Inc
Jason Sawicki
Senior Project Manager, Starbucks
Jo Maitland
Global e-Learning Director, L'Oréal
Justin Funk
Sales Enablement & Operations
Jyothi Gaddam
Project Manager, Mary Kay
Katie Bonilla – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Katie Bonilla
Enterprise LMS Administrator, xG Health Solutions Inc.
Laura Goodrich- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Laura Goodrich
Co-Founder, GWT Next
Laurent Balague
CEO and Co-founder, forMetris
Maggie Bertram- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Maggie Bertram
Instructional Designer, Hubspot
Martino Bagini
Chief Operating Officer, Docebo
Massimo Canonico – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Massimo Canonico
Head of Solutions Engineering, Docebo
Mat Friedman – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Mat Friedman
Customer Success Manager, Usabilla
Mazen Jaber – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Mazen Jaber
Human Rights Education Coordinator, Amnesty International
Melvin Prada – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Melvin Prada
Global Head of Customer Success, Docebo
Mirko Puliafito – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Mirko Puliafito
Product Director, Docebo
Nancy Foote- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Nancy Foote
Director, Product Management, Thomson Reuters
Noel Miller
Head of Staff and Office Management, Docebo
Oliver Barber
Director of Sales, Docebo
Patrick Holloway
Sales Manager, Docebo
Patrick Veenhoff- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Patrick Veenhoff
Head of Learning & Development, Swisscom Enterprise Customers
Paul Day
Manager, DC Institute
Rob Anderson – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Rob Anderson
Manager – Outbound Business Development, Docebo
Sarah Harrison- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Sarah Harrison
Manager, HR Solutions & Service Delivery, Thomson Reuters
Teri Cale
National eLearning Manager, Do Process LP
Treion Muller
VP, Digital Learning Solutions, TwentyEighty

Docebo U Instructors

Alan Stewart- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Alan Stewart
Implementation Specialist, Docebo
Andrea Biraghi
Head of Design, Docebo
Lee Fridman- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Lee Fridman
Account Executive, Docebo
Marquis Dugger- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Marquis Dugger
Learning & Support Specialist, Docebo
Andrew Grocholski- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Andrew Grocholski
Senior Account Executive, Docebo
Nate Madel- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Nate Madel
Senior Implementation Specialist, Docebo
Burt McCollum- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Burt McCollum
Implementation Specialist, Docebo