Melvin Prada – Speaker at DoceboInspire

Melvin Prada

Global Head of Customer Success, Docebo


Melvin is passionate about helping organizations receive value throughout their customer journey. He is responsible for the retention, client advocacy, expansion and CS operations of our Global CSM and CSS teams. At Docebo, Melvin is inspired by our client’s success. “Our vision is to build measurable partnerships that are both; efficient and innovative. Our goal is to become the best CS team by creating a customer success centric experience and a team that continues to embrace our entrepreneurial company culture.”

Melvin is also a retired tennis player. He played under a full scholarship in college and followed to play professionally. His passion for numbers, people, developing others and education prompt him to switch careers in 2013. He joined Docebo in October of 2015 as one of the first customer success team members then. His hobbies are spending time with his family, video games, sci-fi movies, success stories (books) and CrossFit.