Burt McCollum- Speaker at DoceboInspire

Burt McCollum

Implementation Specialist, Docebo


Starting as a youngster Burt has always been curious about how things work, and began disassembling and inspecting electronic devices as early as age 8. Finally figuring out he could be paid money for his fascination Burt began his career in computer hardware repair in the early 90’s. He’s been in software implementation and support for over 10 years now. Having led many projects and teams over this time, Burt has traveled across the globe training students in a variety of subjects, ranging from simple hardware repair to programming in Python and Java. As an Implementation Specialist with Docebo, Burt brings his skills to our clients to help them achieve their goals and launch a quality learning experience for their users. When he’s not tinkering on various motorcycle or guitar projects around the house Burt enjoys playing video games, cooking, and – most importantly – eating.