Andrea Biraghi

Head of Design, Docebo


Docebo’s learning platform has gone through a number of design iterations since its founding in 2005, and Andrea Biraghi’s been at the helm of them all. He was one of the company’s first employees and is now responsible for the learning platform’s design and user experience, which our clients have grown to love. This informative and truly interactive session is designed to inspire Docebo customers to deploy Design Thinking Methodology in their learning programs to transform how their people interact and engage with their Docebo platform. Biraghi will go into the ins and outs of his inspiration for Docebo’s design and user experience, and how to best use the features built into the platform to produce effective, personalized and stunning learning experience that resonate with your learners, including Docebo Pages. If you’re concerned your learning program is looking a little tired, lacks learner engagement and are ready to up learner experience game, this is a session you don’t want to miss!