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Early bird registration closes in










Friday, October 12th

8:00 – 9:00

Grand Ballroom East Large

Registration/Networking Breakfast

9:15 – 9:45

Raya Bidhshahri- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Raya Bidshahri
CEO, Awecademy

Grand Ballroom West & Centre

The Importance of Awe in Corporate Learning

How often do we learn something that leaves us awestruck? For most of us, the answer is not enough. Yet, awe-based and intrinsically-motivated education has the power to inspire positive change in organizations and the world at large. This talk will explore how we can infuse more excitement, inspiration and immersive experiences into corporate learning.

9:45 – 10:30

Donato Mangialardo
Director of Product Marketing, Docebo
Massimo Canonico
Director of Solutions Engineering, Docebo

Grand Ballroom West & Centre

Docebo 2019 Product Roadmap

10:30 – 10:35

Noel Miller
Head of Staff and Office Management, Docebo
Corey Marcel
Senior Director of Sales, Docebo

Grand Ballroom West & Centre

Agenda Overview/Intro to Day 2

10:35 – 10:50

Grand Ballroom Foyer

Networking Break

11:00 – 12:15

Claudio Erba
CEO and Board Member, Docebo
Mirko Puliafito
Product Director, Docebo

Sheraton Hall C

How Artificial Intelligence will Disrupt the Elearning Industry in Future Years

Exciting times are also complex ones. But, adding is complexity is generally the way to fight it. Given the pace at which today’s technology evolves, is it possible to outsource complexity? And what does that look like in learning? Artificial Intelligence represents the technology the learning space needs to establish modern platforms that facilitate how people learn in real life. The driving force that powers Docebo’s technological advances, Claudio will outline his vision for the future of AI-enabled learning, how to enable and manage AI tactically within your learning strategy and why reaching “full learning automation” status is critical to driving the industry forward. Mirko will discuss how this is manifested in the Docebo platform.

Sheraton Hall E

ROUNDTABLES - Bring Your Learning Strategies to Life

The most popular session from DoceboInspire 2017 returns! As Docebo’s learning platform continues to evolve, our customers are uncovering new ways to deliver their content in fresh and exciting ways. This session is a great opportunity to share ideas with fellow Docebo users in an interactive, small group environment. You’ll have a chance to share your experiences interacting with our learning platform, gather insights from your peers and explore best practices Docebo users are deploying to bring their learning strategies to life.

12:15 – 1:20

Grand Ballroom East Large

Networking Lunch

1:30 – 2:30

Brent Drever- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Brent Drever
Chief Executive Officer, Acuity Institute
Jamie Schroder- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Jamie Schroder
Manager, Client Training, Sunquest Information Systems Inc
Patrick Holloway
North American Sales Manager, Docebo
Paul Day
Manager, DC Institute

Sheraton Hall C

PANEL: Show Me The Money

Are you looking for a new revenue stream that monetizes your content? Do you have top-notch learning content that you’re confident learners would be willing to pay for? A number of organizations are using Docebo to seamlessly deliver learning content – for a price – with our platform’s e-commerce functionality. In this session, you’ll hear from Docebo customers who are using our learning platform to generate revenue and the strategies they’ve deployed to do so.

Oliver Barber
Director of Sales, Docebo
Diane DAmico- Speaker at DoceboInspire
Diane D'Amico
Manager, Training & Development, Jenzabar
Justin Funk
Sales Enablement & Operations
Catherine Fruhauf – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Catherine Fruhauf
Global Manager Retail Training, ECCO Global Sales B.V.
Amanda Teixeira
HR Policy & Learning Analyst, United Nations

Osgoode Ballroom West

PANEL: Internal Training Strategies You Can’t Help But Commit to

Internal training is no longer a wishlist item, it’s a necessity. If you’ve committed to an internal training strategy to elevate learner performance, but aren’t sure where to start, this customer panel session is for you! You’ll hear three diverse use cases from Docebo customers in different industries who will describe how they’ve implemented internal training strategies, the challenges they face with their L&D activities, how they’re using technology to solve those issues and offer some insights you can take with you to help you lay a foundation for an effective internal training strategy.

Amy DuVernet – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Amy DuVernet
Director of Certification Programs, Training Industry

Sheraton Hall E

WORKSHOP: What Do Learners Want? Research-Based Recommendations for Training Delivery

Training delivery methods abound, but it’s unclear how learners feel about these techniques. This session presents new Training Industry, Inc. research examining learners’ preferences for various delivery methods across a variety of training topics, such as leadership and sales. Results point to what learners want, need and what they are actually experiencing and provide guidance on choice of delivery method.

2:30 – 2:45

Grand Ballroom Foyer

Smoothie Stop

2:45 – 3:45

Teri Cale
National eLearning Manager, Do Process LP
Evan Behiel
Training & Development Manager, Cineplex
Facyal Aliou – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Faycal Aliou
Account Executive, Docebo

Sheraton Hall C

Social: The Way of The Future

Your learners are over the textbook. In fact, it’s well known that social learning not only improves knowledge retention, but also how your learners engage with your L&D strategy. Yet, many organizations continue to struggle with implementing effective social learning tactics that resonate with learners. Docebo’s Coach & Share has helped a number of organizations successfully deploy social learning activities to empower their learners and leverage the expertise that exists within their ranks. In this session, you’ll hear from Docebo customers who are using social and experiential learning tactics to engage learners, empower them to communicate freely, improve knowledge retention, and boost L&D effectiveness.

Rob Anderson – Speaker at DoceboInspire
Rob Anderson
Manager – Outbound Business Development, Docebo
Melvin Prada
Head of Global Customer Success, Docebo

Sheraton Hall E

ROI? Prove It! Tracking Learning Metrics You Should be Measuring, But Probably Aren’t

As the gaps between training and organizational performance continue to close, today’s businesses need learning technologies that not only increase productivity but also engage learners. Problem is, do we really know what success looks like? How do L&D and training managers measure the success of their learning programs? This exciting breakout session will outline what you need to consider when measuring learning success, what to track in the first place and actionable insights you can take home with you to start proving your L&D department’s ROI.

Andrea Biraghi
Head of Design, Docebo

Osgoode Ballroom West

WORKSHOP: Learning, Beautified: A World of Design That’s Transformed Learning Experiences

Docebo’s learning platform has gone through a number of design iterations since its creation in 2005. Andrea Biraghi was one of the company’s first employees and is now responsible for the platform’s design and experience that our clients have grown to love. In this informative and interactive session, Docebo’s Head of Design aims to inspire customers to use Design Thinking Methodology to transform the way people learn by using the many tools the platform provides them to create beautiful, customized and effective learning programs. You’ll learn tips and tricks to create sleek, on-brand designs, how to match the platform to your company’s branding ,and how to design for Docebo’s latest feature, Pages, to create user-centric learner experiences. If you’re concerned your learning program is looking tired, lacks learner engagement and are ready to up your game, this is a session you don’t want to miss!

3:45 – 4:00

Closing Remarks