Docebo Annual Conference

Docebo U

September 16, 2019, Atlanta, Georgia

Docebo U

We’re excited to introduce this year’s Docebo U. This year, Docebo will be offering
3 different tracks with different topics and layouts for you to choose from.


Hands-On Tracks

Learn from a hands-on lab set up to walk you through page design, advanced CSS & HTML, and setting up your own integrations using Docebo Webhooks.


Admin Tracks

Docebo will also offer sessions geared specifically towards admins to make you a master of the Docebo Platform, including a session on Docebo’s latest Feature Betas: On the Job Checklist and the newly re-designed Course Management Page.


Technical Tracks

Finally, we will have sessions geared specifically towards technical individuals where Docebo experts explain and demonstrate the technical components and possibilities of the Docebo Platform.

Defining Technology
Through A Human Lens

September 16-18, 2019, Atlanta, Georgia